Our Menu

Authentic Mexican and Honduran specialties that will allow

you to experience native cuisine in a whole new way


Choose from one of eight options or mix and match!
A hand-made soft corn tortilla, wrapped around your choice of meat,

with onion and cilantro, served with fresh limes on the side     


ASADA: Roasted beef inside a hand-made soft corn tortilla

BUCHE: A hand-made soft corn tortilla filled with fried pork

CABEZA: Slow-roasted barbecued beef in a hand-made soft corn tortilla

CAMPECHANA: A soft corn tortilla stuffed with grilled carne asada and Mexican sausage

CHORIZO: Mexican sausage served in a hand-made soft corn tortilla

LENGUA: A hand-made corn tortilla wrapped around fried beef tongue*



PASTOR: Marinated pork stuffed inside a hand-made soft corn tortilla

POLLO: Grilled chicken wrapped in a soft corn tortilla


BALEADA EXPRESS: Our Honduran specialty! A delicious handmade flour tortilla stuffed with refried beans and cheese, and topped with Mexican cream



BALEADA ESPECIAL: Add additional ingredients to your Baleada including scrambled egg and fresh avocado





BURRITO: A  huge flour tortilla stuffed with meat, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes, and topped with Mexican cream and chopped onions     



GORDITA: A grilled fresh corn tortilla stuffed with one of six choices. 


*With Meat: $3.49


Asado Rojo (Marinated Pork)*

Beans and Cheese                        

Chicharrón (Fried Pork)*

Poblano Peppers and Cheese         

Potatoes & Mexican Sausage

Red potatoes

CHEESE QUESADILLA: A delicious home-made tortilla stuffed with cheese and grilled to a golden brown


QUESADILLA CON CARNE: Add your choice of meat to our Cheese Quesadilla



Homemade chips loaded with your choice of meat, beans, lettuce, onion, tomato, Mexican cream, and cheese.



A lightly fried corn tortilla topped with your choice of meat, lettuce, tomato, Mexican cream, and cheese.


tito's Ensalada

A large green salad with your choice of meat, tomato, onion, and cheese

Dressings: Ranch, French, Salsa, or Mexican cream



Beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and your choice of meat on a crispy corn tortilla



Sopa de Olla: (Saturday Only) A tasty soup loaded with beef, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes, cabbage, and corn on the cob. Comes with a side of rice



Menudo:  (Sunday Only) A cherished Mexican tradition. Beef, onions, red peppers, and hominy in a hearty broth, and topped with fresh cilantro and lime




Flan (Caramel Cream)

Pastel Tres Leches (Sponge Cake) 





Mexican Rice                                             


Refried Beans        


Sour Cream: 






Weekly Specials

Tortas Mejicanas

French bread stacked with your choice of meat, lettuce, onion, tomato, avocado, and mayonnaise




(Wednesdays after 5:00 pm and while supplies last)

Fresh tamales made in house with corn flour and your choice of pork, or green jalapeños with cheese




One dozen tamales




Bebidas ~ Beverages


Horchata (Rice milk with cinnamon)

Jamaica (Tart Hibiscus Iced Tea)









Vanilla Cappuccino

Hot Chocolate



Mexican Bottled Sodas:

Coca Cola






Jarrito (Assorted Flavors)
























Coke                                                Diet Coke

Fanta Orange                                  Mr. Pibb

Mellow Yellow                                 Sprite

         Iced Tea (Sweet, Natural, & Raspberry)

                     Minute Maid Lemonade


Gaseosas (Fountain Drinks)




Cerveza y vino